High Cut bts: Luhan…

까탈레나 (Catallena) - Orange Caramel


Kim Jongin…can you  F  #  !  K  I  N  G N  O  T  !?


Kris shares his struggles during trainee time…

hey guys! i’m not really active on this blog anymore because i’m over at wardoctors instead! i’ll still post on this blog maybe a few times a week? won’t be abandoning it completely haha

jongin aggressively giving you hearts

I wasn’t able to hold it in after all, crying doesn’t mean that I’m not strong or that I like to cry. Since coming to Korea till now, it has been almost two years that I’ve been standing on stage. When we stand on stage to perform, going early to rehearsals and recordings every day, and the various activities in between, the twelve of us together, no one has ever said that they’re tired or that they want to give up. That kind of happiness from all the struggles, the beliefs that we held fast onto, when I heard that we won the award, I then knew, that everything was worth it after all. Thank you all.

Chanyeol before he started interviewing the others

it’s been a loooong while but i’m temporarily back on this blog for the winter holidays


on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me


because hE’S FICTIONAL


Christmas in New Leaf ()